Clover Island Lighthouse & Lighthouse Plaza

Clover Island is a 16-acre, mixed-use commercial and recreational destination located in Historic Downtown Kennewick in eastern Washington State.  Clover Island is home to the newest lighthouse in Washington State—the Clover Island lighthouse.  By constructing a Gateway, Pathway, Lighthouse and Public Plaza on Clover Island, the Port of Kennewick created physical and visual access to the Columbia River and transformed a “distressed neighborhood” into an urban waterfront destination.  People are now using the island for walking, strolling, biking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and enjoying the river’s scenic beauty.  

Constructed in May 2010, the Clover Island Lighthouse was built as a four-section, concrete, pre-cast structure. The lighthouse is a 62-foot-tall, fully functioning, U.S. Coast Guard-approved Private Aid to Navigation (PATON).  The lighthouse tower houses a beacon which flashes a small white light every four seconds.

Surrounding the Clover Island Lighthouse is the 15,000 square-foot Lighthouse Plaza which serves as a public gathering space complete with colored and stamped concrete which emulates a beacon of light emanating away from the tower.  Benches and landscaped seating walls provide quiet places to enjoy the waterfront.  The plaza offers citizens 360-degree access around the lighthouse base and resplendent river views.  A gateway arch, which spans the island’s entrance road, is a 19,000 pound, painted steel beam with LED backlighting welcoming visitors to Clover Island.  Public artworks have been installed on Clover Island, including an historic bronze titled “Call of the River,” by acclaimed artist Rodd Ambroson.  “Call of the River” was installed adjacent to the lighthouse plaza and honors early farming families and their use of the Columbia River. Other artworks include: “Catch the Wind” by Ivan McLean, and “Family Group” by Richard Warrington.

Total Project Cost: 
The total cost was $1.1 million for the project total which included the lighthouse, lighthouse plaza, gateway signage and public pathway extensions at the entrance to Clover Island. 

Physical Address:  85 Clover Island Drive, Kennewick WA

Structure used for:  
While the tower is a U.S. Coast Guard approved Private Aid to Navigation (PATON) and appears on nautical charts; it does not meet ADA standards and was permitted and constructed as a tower beacon, not a publicly-accessible attraction.  The lighthouse's circular interior stairway is provided simply for maintenance access.  The reason for building the structure and adding the gateway, pathways and plaza was to help create a destination waterfront.  As tourism attractions and economic development investments, the Port of Kennewick expects the improvements to bring visitors, and their spending to downtown; to enhance interest in the adjacent commercial, riverfront property; and to bring new jobs and new business to historic downtown Kennewick, Washington.  

Completion Date:   May 2010

Who built the lighthouse: 
The Port of Kennewick built the lighthouse.  The Port of Kennewick, City of Kennewick, and Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office provided funds to help with the other public improvements (pathways, gateway, safety, and sidewalks, artwork, etc.)

The Port of Kennewick is the property and building owner.  The Port of Kennewick is a municipal corporation serving District taxpayers in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, Finley, Plymouth, a small corner of Benton City, and portions of unincorporated Benton County.  The Port’s mission is to develop those assets which create sustainable family wage jobs, user friendly transportation systems, and quality of life enhancements for visitors and residents of the Port district. The Lighthouse was built under vision and leadership of Executive Director, Tim Arntzen; with the approval of the Board of Commissioners at that time: David Hanson, Gene Wagner, Linda Boomer/Calvin Dudney.

Who was the designer/architect:
A design team consisting of HDJ Design Group and Pondera Architecture.

John Fetterolf
HDJ Design Group
6615 Burden Boulevard, Suite E
Pasco, WA 99301

Chris Herath
Herath & Associates, PC

Those interested in using the lighthouse plaza for special events should contact:

Bridgette Scott, Executive Assistant
Port of Kennewick
350 Clover Island Drive, Suite 200
Kennewick, WA 99336