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Clover Island--a Columbia River Destination Waterfront

The Port of Kennewick is engaged in urban renewal efforts to transform Kennewick's Clover Island into an urban waterfront destination for the region.  The Gathering Place project, completed in August 2017, created new commercial mixed-use development opportunities overlooking the marina harbor. That project involved extending the sidewalk/boardwalk between the Clover Island Marina and West Marina Professional Building parking lots--providing public access to the south side of the island overlooking the marina harbor.  And two bronze statues, "The Exchange" by artist Rodd Ambroson were installed within The Gathering Place--a setting especially designed to share the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation's history, culture, and tradition of gathering tule reeds within the area now known as Clover Island. 

In 2016, the Port made improvements to the boat launch area including: constructing a new public restroom, paving the boat launch parking for vehicles and boat trailers, adding landscaping, drinking fountain (including water bottle fill valve and doggie bowl), another public artwork, a scenic overlook, picnic areas and public seating.  The Port owns the island and is working to enhance the shoreline environment and create a pedestrian-friendly Riverwalk along the entire shoreline.  The Port constructed several new buildings bringing new jobs and business to Clover Island.  In addition, the port has added public art and built a 62-foot-tall lighthouse with a beautiful, 15,000-square-foot public plaza that has been used for weddings, community events, and senior class portraits and prom photos. The lighthouse plaza is the perfect  place to watch the sun set over the Columbia.  Vacant parcels are available for commercial develoment, and the US Army Corps of Engineers is exploring additional shoreline improvements.  Future improvement plans are detailed below.  [The best compliments are always unsolicited...view what others are saying about the Clover Island Improvements in a beautiful video].

The Gathering Place, including The Exchange artwork installation dedicated 8.4.17The Gathering Place, including The Exchange artwork installation dedicated 8.4.17

Additional sites are available for one, two or three-story mixed-use commercial development as indicated on the image below.  The port is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to enhance the shoreline with native plantings and a recreational pathway that will improve public access to the water and benefit numerous wildlife species (read more).  In 2017, the Port removed its former office building from the northwest corner of the island to create a future buildable commercial site with residential opportunities, and also transformed a former pumphouse into a scenic overlook.  For information about building, leasing or bringing your business to Clover Island please contact Amber Hanchette, director of real estate and operations at 509-586-1186.

New boat houses have been constructed; and the Clover Island Yacht Club has expanded their membership and recently replaced their covered moorage to complement the architecture established at the public marina.  







The image to the right below shows the 16-acre Clover Island as it appears today superimposed over the original, 162-acreClover Island as it was before McNary Dam was built.  The image below left shows Clover Island as it exists today with a beautiful public marina, as well as the the levee that was built to protect the community from flooding when the Columbia River was impounded behind McNary Dam. 

The nature pond behind the levee was actually the original Columbia River shoreline before the dam was built--that area is part of Kennewick's historic and industrial waterfront which the port is working to transform as part of the Columbia Drive Redevelopment project.


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Clover Island boat launch construction plans (public use recreational amenities -- upland construction substantially complete 12.11.15 with inwater work (separate contract/project) being completed by May 2016)
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