Welcome to Current Projects Online Center.  This section provides information regarding contracting opportunities at the Port of Kennewick.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the Port of Kennewick!  We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participate in our development opportunities.  Biddable projects and recent awards will be listed below.

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Columbia Gardens Loop Road Final Bid Tab

2018 Small Works Projects
Clover Island Boat Basin - Aquatic Treatment (LAKELAND)
350 Clover Island Drive (CASCADE FIRE)
421 E. Columbia Drive Bldg A140 & B - Ceiling Fans (ALLAN)


2017 Small Works Projects

211 E. Columbia Drive - Emergency Bid Building Demolition (BIG D's CONSTRUCTION)
211 E. Columbia Drive - Slab Demolition (RAY POLAND & SONS CONSTRUCTION)
211 E. Columbia Drive - Emergency Bid for Underground Storage Tank Removal (BLUE MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL)
415 N. Quay Building B - Emergency Bid for Compressor Replacement in Heat Pump (BRUCE)
Clover Island - Marina Cameras & Wifi (COMPUNET)
Clover Island - Storm Filter Maintenance (PNE-CSS)
Clover Island and Oak Street - Light Maintenance (ALLAN ELECTRIC)
Clover Island, Oak Street and VFDF - Pavement Maintenance Projet (STRIPE RITE)

Clover Island Lighthouse Plaza Wall Lights Replacement  (ALLAN ELECTRIC)
Oak Street and VFDF - Emergency Bid Rooftop Snow Removal  (PALMER ELECTRIC)
Oak Street DB-C - Replace Fire Alarm Panel (MOON)
Oak Street - Sign Replacement (SIGNS BY SUE)
Oak Street - Tree Pruning (TOP TREE)
Vista Field - FBO Asbestos Abatement (ALL SAFE ABATEMENT)
VFDF A, Suite 6 - Interior Maintenance (BANLIN CONSTRUCTION)
Willows - Christmas Tree Lighting (LEGACY LAWN AND LANDSCAPE)


2016 Small Works Projects 

Clover Island - 104 Landscape Fence and Boat Launch Facility Signage (BANLIN CONSTRUCTION)
Clover Island - Aquatic Treatment (LAKELAND)
Clover Island - Light Maintenance (ALLAN ELECTRIC)
Clover Island - One time pruning West Causeway (HERITAGE LANDSCAPING & NURSERY)
Clover Island Marina - Emergency Bid - Frozen Ball Valve (CASCADE NATURAL GAS)
Oak Street - 1426 E. 3rd A130 HVAC Repairs (BRUCE HEATING & AIR)
Oak Street - 1515 E. 7th Remodel (VINCENT CONSTRUCTION)
Willows - Christmas Tree Lighting (LEGACY LAWN AND LANDSCAPE)

2016 Major Projects

Clover Island - Gathering Place & Boardwalk (BIG D's CONSTRUCTION)
Columbia Drive - Wine Village (BANLIN CONSTRUCTION)
Columbia Drive - Columbia Gardens Utilities (BIG D's CONSTRUCTION)
Vista Field Industrial - VFDF Building A Remodel (BANLIN CONSTRUCTION)