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September 13, 2016 Vista Field Project Update Presentation

July 12, 2016 Vista Field Project Update Presentation

May 24, 2016 Vista Field Project Update Presentation  

March 8, 2016 Vista Field Traffic Study Presentation: Traffic Safety Impact Evaluation (TSIE) Report

July 28, 2015 Workshop Presentations:   
Master Planning Considerations by Larry Peterson, port director of planning & development
Master Planning Design and Architectural Considerations by DPZ consultant team

VIEW DPZ Joint Meeting Presentation April 7, 2015

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DRAFT Vista Field Charrette Report

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View the KTNW Northwest Public Television Charrette Interviews "The Vista Field Project"
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Read Southridge High School DECA Students' essays: "My Town, Its Future."


Vista Field Public Planning Process Presentation Files

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TSIE (Traffic Study) Presentation
March 8, 2016

DRAFT TSIE (Traffic Study)
November 6, 2015

DRAFT Vista Field Charrette Report
February 6, 2015

I.S.I. Final "Pattern Language"
February 9, 2015

I.S.I Draft "Pattern Language"
December 29, 2014

 DPZ Slide Presentation November 6, 2014
      VIDEO of Urban Planning Presentation 11.6.14  

DPZ Slide Presentation November 10, 2014  
VIDEO of I.S.I. Pattern Language Presentation 11.10.14
VIDEO of DPZ Opening Charrette 11.10.14 

DPZ Slide Presentation November 12, 2014 
VIDEO of DPZ Charrette pin-up #2 on 11.12.14

   DPZ Slide Presentation November 13, 2014 
 VIDEO of DPZ Charrette pin-up #3 on 11.13.14

DPZ Slide Presentation November 15, 2014
Full VIDEO of Final Charrette 11.15.14   (2.5 hrs.)
Summary VIDEO of Final Charrette 11.15.14   (14 min.)

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View Information on the Pattern Language Process  

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Vista Vision Task Force Meeting Information 

August 18, 2014  Agenda & Meeting Documents   Presentation  Minutes
September 15, 2014                 Agenda & Meeting Documents   Minutes
October 20, 2014  Agenda & Minutes Documents   Minutes
November 17, 2014  Agenda & Minutes Documents   Minutes
December 15, 2014           (cancelled due to the Holidays)    
January 19, 2015 (cancelled due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day)    

February 9, 2105


  Agenda  Presentation Minutes
March 16, 2015   Agenda


April 20, 2015   (cancelled)    
May 18, 2015   Agenda    Minutes














A citizens committee selected Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, and the  Port of Kennewick hired them to design a master plan for the 103-acre site situated at the heart of the region's commercial center.  Over the next eighteen months, DPZ will gather community input and craft strategic  recommendations for roads, utilities, design  standards, code amendments, key building locations and public spaces, a phasing plan  and financing strategy.  DPZ will work with retail and development experts to bring realistic and appropriate expectations to the visioning and planning process.

In August, Port staff held a FAM (familiarization) tour for members of the consulting team.  The FAM was used to help inform DPZ's leadership team about our region, history, economic drivers, and existing amenities; to view the community during the active summer season; and to help them better understand varied perpectives as they prepare to lead the community visioning process for redeveloping the former Vista Field airport land.  "I was amazed by and impressed with the rich diversity of the Tri-Cities -- its natural beauty, its importance and contributions in the field of energy, opportunities created by the ever-growing wine industry on Red Mountain, and last but not least, the City of Kennewick's own downtown initiatives," said Senen Antonio, a DPZ partner.  "Adding that to the realization that Vista Field is the geographic center of this region, this proposed redevelopment will bring focus to the Tri-Cities with an array of far-reaching benefits."

Community branding research has identified the perception of a cultural deficit and a lack of a true regional "downtown" with locally authentic cafes or centrally-located pedestrian-friendly gathering places.  "Those are the very same elements that citizens and business leaders identified and earnestly championed for in closing Vista Field," said Tim Arntzen, port executive director.  "The former Vista Field airport site is a truly unique asset, and we've only got one chance to get it right.  And that means  involving all stakeholders in the planning."  Added Commission President Don Barnes, "We will be listening carefully to the needs and desires of the community so that we create at Vista Field an environment and sense of place that will last for generations."

The port closed the small, general aviation airfield when it became clear redevelopment was the only alternative that wouldn't require a property tax increase. Redevelopment eliminates taxpayer-funded airport operating subsidies and, long-term, will benefit the entire community rather than limited users.  Early economic projections by the consultant team DPZ and ECONorthwest indicated redevelopment could mean as many as 3,380 jobs, $460 million in private sector investment, $51 million in new infrastructure and $408 million in new (taxable) buildings--meaning new revenues for police, fire, hospital, libraries, schools, parks and other services.  

A variety of transition activities have been undertaken, including the City of Kennewick's Planning Commission approving a re-zone of the Vista Field land from essential public facility to commercial, regional.   View stories here:   Tri-City Herald. August 1, 2015
Tri-City Herald. 2.15.15  Tri-City Herald. 2.14.15   Tri-City Herald. June 4. 2014.      Tri-City Herald Editorial April 7, 2014.     Charter Local Edition 2014: Vista Field Redevelopment.

Since closing the former Vista Field airport on December 31, 2013 a variety of activities have already taken place (see list below).




Closure Progress:

  • WSDOT & PCLI interests resolved
  • Fuel tanks emptied
  • NOTAM issued
  • Closure signs posted
  • FBOs notified of closure
  • Landing marks removed
  • Runway signs removed
  • Yellow X’s painted
  • Beacon removed
  • Airport signage removed
  • Asbestos evaluation process for buildings completed
  • Fuel tanks removed
  • Evaluating salvage and scrap options for materials
  • Purchased private hangar as per contract
  • Inventory & archiving of historic assets and artifacts
  • Zoning changed from Public Facility to Commercial, regional

Port staff are working to implement the commissioners’ redevelopment directive as a catalyst for bringing positive economic development to our district.



Vista Field Airport / 2013 photo by PS Media, Inc.

Vista Field airport HAS CLOSED to all aviation activity.  The 103-acre redevelopment site is being master planned by the Port of Kennewick in partnership with the regional community.  
Within the city limits of Kennewick, Washington between Grandridge Boulevard and West Deschutes Avenue.

City of Kennewick - Commercial Regional



Vista Directions

To former FBO Building and main gate (Note: property is CLOSED for redevelopment):
Head east on SR240.
Take the Edison Street exit.
Turn right off the exit onto Edison Street.
Go straight until you reach Canal Drive.
Take a right.
Continue forward until you reach W Grandridge Blvd.
Turn left.
Go straight and the property will be on the left side of the road.