2016 News Articles & Reports

  New year resolution projects for each city.  KNDU TV.  December 30, 2016
  ET Estate Sales moves to downtown Kennewick. Tri-City Herald.  December 29, 2016. 
  Our Voice: Columbia Gardens progress may be the tipping point for downtown Kennewick. Tri-City Herald Editorial. December 22, 2016
  Kennewick Wine Village Takes Shape.  WinesandVines.  December 21, 2016
  Make Way for Wine.  Public Works Magazine. December 21, 2016
  When Wine and Real Estate Merge.  NW Wine and Real Estate.  December 21, 2016
  Palencia, Bartholomew commit to Kennewick's urban wine village.  Tri-City Herald. December 18, 2016
  Port of Kennewick selects Bartholomew, Vino La Monarcha for wine village.  Great Northwest Wine.  December 15, 2016
  2 wineries plan to move into new Kennewick wine village.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 14, 2016
  First Village wine tenants named. KVEW TV.  December 14, 2016
  Artist meets with Latino community to create mural. KVEW TV.  December 9, 2016
  Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village Grows.  Tri-City Herald.  November 28, 2016
  Latino heritage murals commissioned for Columbia Gardens Wine Village.  tu Decides.  November 16, 2016
  Port commissions Latino heritage murals.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  November 2016
  High school culinary students look to new CBC facility.  KVEW TV.  November 7, 2016
  Our Voice:  CBC culinary school a game-changer.  Tri-City Herald Editorial Board.  November 2, 2016.
  Changes coming to Kennewick waterfront. KVEW TV. October 19, 2016
  CBC plots $10M culinary move to Kennewick waterfront.  Tri-City Herald.  October 18, 2016
  Culinary school coming to Columbia Drive.  KEPR TV.  October 18, 2016
  More Kennewick waterfront development on the Horizon.  KVEW TV.  October 18, 2016
  New plant turns wine (waste) into water.  Tri-City Herald. October 15, 2016
  Port hired Kennewick contractor to build wine village. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  October 2016
  Port of Kennewick stays local to build wine village.  Wine Press Northwest.  September 30, 2016
  Wineries show interest in Kennewick's unbuilt urban wine center.  Tri-City Herald. August 14, 2016
  Port of Kennewick adds voice to shoreline return campaign.  Tri-City Herald. August 9, 2016
  Applications being accepted for space in wine village.  KNDU TV.  July 27, 2016
  Port of Kennewick accepting applications for lease space in new winery village.  KNDU TV.  July 27, 2016
  Benton County, cities, ports split $6M for economic development.  Tri-City Herald. July 20, 2016
  Columbia Gardens seeks winery tenants.  Tri-City Herald.  July 14, 2016
  Momentum builds for Bateman Island access, marina.  Tri-City Herald.  July 6, 2016
  Construction continues on wine village in Kennewick.  KNDU TV. June 30, 2016
  VIsta Field:  Chat with Tim Arntzen, Port of Kennewick CEO.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  June 2016
  Regional chamber hosts 'State of the Ports' program.  Tri-City Herald.  June 7, 2016
  Port of Kennewick Opening Winery Village.  Washington Ag Network. May 10, 2016
  Port of Kennewick breaks ground on wine village.  KVEW TV. May 9, 2016
  Urban Wine Village breaks ground at Columbia Gardens.  KEPR TV. May 9, 2016
  New wine village in Kennewick promises unique gathering place on the waterfront.  KFBB.COM May 9, 2016
  New wine village in Kennewick promises unique gathering place on the waterfront.  KNDU/KHQ TV. May 9, 2016
  Kennewick wants wineries to woo waterfront visitors.  Tri-City Herald. May 8, 2016
  Work begins on Kennewick wine village. Tri-City Herald. May 5, 2016
  Kennewick business blooms thanks to 'Economic Gardening' program. [Port of Kennewick tenant]  Tri-City Herald.  May 3, 2016
  Groundbreaking for Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village.  ADVISOR Wine Industry Network.  May 2, 2016
  Port of Kennewick looks forward to official groundbreaking for Columbia Gardens Urban Wine Village.   KNDU TV. May 2, 2016
  Port of Kennewick Clover Island Boat Launch Grand Re-Opening Event on April 6, 2016 at 3:30 PM.  Charter Communications. April/2016
  New West Richland river park to be built this summer.  Tri-City Herald.  April 8, 2016
  Port of Kennewick celebrates Clover Island Boat launch re-opening.  Tri-City Herald. April 6, 2016
  Port of Kennewick celebrates Clover Island boat launch re-opening.  KNDU TV. April 6, 2016
  Community celebrates Clover Island Boat Launch grand re-opening.  KEPR TV. April 6, 2016
  Clover Island continues to grow.  KAPP/KVEW TV.  April 6, 2016
  Clover Island reopens boat launch.  KVEW/TV.  April 6, 2016
  Clover Island boat launch to re-open.  Tri-City Herald. April 1, 2016
  Letter: Port, city cooperation on Vista Field is encouraging. Tri-City Herald.  April 1, 2016
  Clover Island once active winter village.  CUJ History, Tradition & Culture/Confederated Umatilla Journal.  March 2016
  Port of Kennewick:  Revitalizing and Redeveloping Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald Progress Edition. March 2016
  Port of Kennewick's Columbia Drive plans slowed, not stopped. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  March 2016
  Editorial:  Vista Field vision one step closer.  Tri-City Herald.  March 13, 2016 
  Newhouse tours Port of Kennewick.  KAPP TV. March 10, 2016
  Congressman Newhouse visits Clover Island.  KEPR TV. March 10, 2016
  Port of Kennewick shows Vista Field plans to City Council.  KAPP/KVEW TV.  March 9, 2016
  Vista Field redevelopment plan lands critical support.  Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2016
  Letter:  Proposed Vista Arts Center not part of 'Grand Bargain'.  Letters to the Editor.  Tri-City Herald. February 20, 2016
  New urban wine & artisan village coming to Kennewick.  KVEW TV.  February 19, 2016
  Kennewick creating space for wineries on Columbia Drive.  KEPR TV.  February 18, 2016
  Residents and hikers are happy months after parking lot is built at Badger Mountain.  KNDU TV.  February 8, 2016
  Divers guide concrete boat ramp panels into place on Clover Island.  Tri-City Herald. January 22, 2016
  Port of Kennewick aims for Vista Field construction start in 2017.  Tri-City Herald.  Janaury 12, 2016
  Washington Port City Seeks to Attract Visitors With Wine Village.  Planetizen.  January 11, 2016
  Finding Rock Bottom at Clover Island. Tri-City Herald.  January 
  Kennewick port wants to use wine to bring people to the waterfront.  Daily Journal of Commerce.  January 4, 2016
  Downtown Kennewick continues to work to attract the crowds.  ABC Fox News.  January 2, 2016


Media Release/News Alerts

  Special joint meeting to discuss Catalyst Project for Columbia Drive Redevelopment.  For Immediate Release:  October 14, 2016  
  Latino Heritage Murals Commissioned for Columbia Gardens Wine Village.  For Immediate Release: October 12, 2016 
  Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village tenant applications due August 10, 2016.  For Immediate Release:  July 7, 2016   
  Groundbreaking for Columbia Gardens Urban Wine & Artisan Village.  For Immediate Release:  May 2, 2016  
  Public invited to celebrate Clover Island Boat Launch grand re-opening on April 6, 2016.  For Immediate Release: March 29, 2016  
  Port of Kennewick Board of Commissioners elects 2016 and 2017 Officers.  January 13, 2016