2015 News Articles & Reports

  Port of Kennewick honors 2015 Friends of the Port.  Page 34, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 2015
  Kennewick port makes staffing adjustments.  Page 14, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  December 2015
  Port of Kennewick increases CEO spending authority, despite Pasco concerns.  Tri-City Herald.  December 8, 2015
  New downtown Kennewick leader hopes to revitalize city.  The Seattle Times.  November 27, 2015
  New downtown Kennewick leader ready to get started.  Tri-City Herald. November 27, 2015
  Between the Bridges:  Kennewick council says taxpayers getting a lot for their money.  Tri-City Herald.  November 15, 2015
  Another arts facility considered for Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. November 10, 2015
  Construction on new Benton City roundabout could begin by end of next year.  Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2015
  Our Voice: Senate revitalization bill needs House companion.  Tri-City Herald. November 3, 2015
  Kennewick to again go after state money for Vista Field. Tri-City Herald. October 24, 2015
  "Offer money and they will come:" Kennewick begins restaurant incentive program.  Tri-City Herald.  October 13, 2015
  Up to $20,000 available in grants for downtown Kennewick eateries. KEPR TV. October 13, 2015
  Kennewick council approves waterfront redevelopment plan. Tri-City Herald. October 6, 2015
  Construction begins on Badger Mountain trailhead parking area.  Tri-City Herald.  October 5, 2015
  Groundbreaking on new Trailhead Park parking lot.  KEPR TV. October 5, 2015
  Construction to expand parking lot at Trailhead Park begins.  KVEW TV. October 5, 2015
  New parking lot coming to base of Badger Mountain.  KNDU TV. October 5, 2015
  Waterfront development in the Tri-Cities is moving along.  KNDU TV.  October 1, 2015
  Waterfront development in the Tri-Cities is moving along.  KHQ TV.  October 1, 2015
  Bridge to Bridge final plan! KEPR TV. September 29, 2015
  Port of Kennewick plans to sell excess Southridge land to pay for Vista Field upgrades.  Tri-City Herald.  September 23, 2015
  Clover Island construction full speed ahead.  KEPR TV.  September 18, 2015
  Vista Arts Center agreement possible by year's end.  Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2015
  New Pasco airport concourse, baggage claim ready to open.  Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2015
  Our Voice:  State revitalization money would help Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald Editorial. September 2, 2015
  Our Voice:  Arts center will make good Vista Field anchor.  Tri-City Herald Editorial. August 4, 2015
  A home for the arts?  Site in Vista Field identified for center.  Tri-City Herald.  August 1, 2015
  Arts Center, quality of development focus of Vista Field meeting.  Tri-City Herald.  July 28, 2015
  Vista Field planners seek community input.  KEPR TV. July 28, 2015
  Clover Island Boat Launch closing until December for improvements. KNDU TV.  July 27, 2015
  Vista Field redevelopment meeting planned July 28 in Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. July 27, 2015
  Clover Island Boat Launch to close for repairs after Water Follies.  KVEW TV. July 16, 2015
  Port of Kennewick offering tours of Historic Downtown Kennewick.  KVEW TV. July 16, 2015
  Downtown Kennewick tours start July 18: preregistration reguired.  Tri-City Herald.  June 28, 2015
  Our Voice:  Bridge to Bridge plan making significant strides.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  June 23, 2015
  Community members weigh in on Bridge to Bridge proposal.  Tri-City Herald. June 15, 2015
  Performing arts center planning continues.  Tri-City Herald. June 14, 2015
  Our Voice: Performing arts venue needs regional support. Tri-City Herald Editorial.  June 10, 2015
  John Olson, Ben Franklin Transit pioneer, former port commissioner, dies in Colorado.  Tri-City Herald. June 8, 2015
  Tri-City arts task force to bring in consultant. Tri-City Herald. June 2, 2015
  Richland, port to add more parking for Badger Mountain hikers.  Tri-City Herald. May 30, 2015
  Speakers:  Balkanization holding Tri-Cities back.  Tri-City Herald. May 29, 2015
  Wastewater pre-treatment recommended for Columbia Drive wine village.  Tri-City Herald. May 26, 2015
  Kennewick announces meetings for Bridge to Bridge plan.  Tri-City Herald. May 26, 2015
  Kennewick's Carbitex turns carbon fiber into fabric.  Tri-City Herald. May 24, 2015
  Forum to discuss future of Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald.  May 24, 2015
  Census: Tri-City population jumps 10 percent, brings challenges.  Tri-City Herald.  May 21, 2015
  Port of Kennewick receives award for Vista Field work.  Tri-City Herald. May 19, 2015
  Task force outlines goals for Vista Field development.  KAPP TV.  May 19, 2015
  Vista Field: Task force makes final proposals.  Tri-City Herald. May 18, 2015
  Badger Club to discuss future of Tri-Cities in May 29 forum.  Tri-City Herald. May 16, 2015
  Richland City Council OKs master plan for Badger Mountain's Trailhead Park.  Tri-City Herald.  May 5, 2015
  City of Kennewick moves forward in "Americas Best Cities" contest.  KNDU TV. April 28, 2015
  Kennnewick wins $50,000 in community competition. www.go2Kennewick.com
  Clover Island restoration project moving forward. Tri-City Herald. April 28, 2015
  Letter to editor:  Authority needed for Vista Field project. Tri-City Herald.  April 28, 2015
  Washington cities compete for wine villages. WinesandVines.com.  April 22, 2015
  Our Voice:  Kennewick port officials gracious in negotiations.  Tri-City Herald.  April 19, 2015
  Our Voice: We're grateful for the new Manhattan Park Project.  Tri-City Herald.  April 16, 2015
  Governor, Tri-Citians celebrate Port of Kennewick's 100 Years.  Tri-City Herald.  April 15, 2015
  Inslee speaks at the Port of Kennewick's 100th Anniversary (with VIDEO).  Tri-City Herald. April 14, 2015
  Port of Kennewick Celebrates 100 Years - Spokane, Northwest News.  KHQ TV.  April 14, 2015
  Port of Kennewick honored for 100 Years of Economic Development.  KAPP TV. April 14, 2015
  Port of Kennewick celebrates a century of economic development.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. April 2015
  Port of Kennewick Celebrates 100 Years.  KNDU TV.  April 14, 2015
  Governor discussed Pasco OIS with community leaders.  KEPR TV.  April 14, 2015 
  Governor, community leaders to celebrate Port of Kennewick's 100th year April 14.  Tri-City Herald. April 12, 2015
  Tri-city Made: Manufacturing critical to current, future Tri-Cities ecnomic health. Tri-City Herald.  April 11, 2015
  Kennewick Irrigation District to sell land, transfer Elliot Lake system to city.  Tri-City Herald.  April 10, 2015
  Port of Kennewick backs off on contested alley to Vista Field. Tri-City Herald.  April 7, 2015
  Kennewick port, city, PFD to hash out Vista Field plans April 7.  Tri-City Herald.  April 6, 2015
  Thankful Thursday: Story Circles.  Tri-City Herald Letters to the Editor. April 2, 2015
  Kennewick to take another look at riverfront plan.  Tri-City Herald. March 29, 2015
  Progress Edition:  Port of Kennewick--100th years of addressing evolving community needs. Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015
  Progress Edition: Kennewick: Success story looks to continue in 2015.  Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015
  Progress Edition: Come see the gem that is West Richland.  Tri-City Herald. March 26, 2015
  Our Voice Editorial:  We're thankful for some programs that help kids: Duffy's Pond Trail.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  March 26, 2015
  Rep. Newhouse recognizes 100th anniversary of Port of Kennewick.  YouTube. March 23, 2015
  Port of Kennewick, Umatillas to meet March 27.  Tri-City Herald. March 23, 2015
  PFD to hear Vista Field presentation. Tri-City Herald.  March 23, 2015
  Kennewick's Duffy's Pond trail extension moves forward.  Tri-City Herald.  March 22, 2015
  Our Voice:  Cooperation is critical for upcoming Vista Field meeting.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  March 22, 2015
  Kennewick leaders to discuss Vista Field, Three Rivers Entertainment District.  Tri-City Herald.  March 10, 2015
  Kennewick convention center expansion may lack key support.  Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2015
  Kennewick public agencies struggle to get on same page with Vista Field vision.  Tri-City Herald. March 8, 2015
  Arena showing its age/Americans owner lobbies for Vista Field Coliseum.  Tri-City Herald. March 7, 2015
  Software company opens in Kennewick. Tri-City Herald. March 5, 2015
  Our Voice: Richland marketplace complements other plans.  Bellinham Herald Editorial.  March 4, 2015
  Port of Kennewick celebrates 100 years of economic development.  Tri-City Herald.  March 2, 2015
  Aquilini family presses on with Washington State Wine Venture/Port of Kennewick and DPZ's urban planning for Vista Field.  Business In Vancouver. February 24, 2015
  Kennewick rethinks winery waste water treatment for Columbia Gardens.  Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015
  Port of Kennewick, city work on how to reconnect Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015
  Kennewick officials hope state program will help pay for Vista Field redevelopment. Tri-City Herald.  February 15, 2015
  Hangar building at Vista Field Airport being dismanteled.  Tri-City Herald.  February 9, 2015
  Eager beaver chomps down tree on Clover Island in Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald.  February 9, 2015
  Framework for Kennewick's Vista Field redevelopment released for public comment.  Tri-City Herald. February 6, 2015
  New Wine Village Construction uses Concrete Crusher.  KNDU TV.  February 5, 2015
  Two-phase approach to Vista Field performing arts center included in draft plan.  Tri-City Herald.  February 1, 2015
  Our Voice: Thumbs up to public input and down to changing prices (Idea time & Let 'em roll).  Northwest Opinion Column. The Bellingham Herald. January 26, 2015
  Our Voice:  Thumbs up to public input and down to changing prices (Idea time & Let 'em roll).  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  January 26, 2015
  Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village.  SFGate (from KEPR TV).  January 23, 2015
  Wine village with grape processing and tasting rooms envisioned for old Tri-City Raceway.  TheRepublic.com, Columbus Indiana (from KEPR TV) January 23, 2015
  Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village.  Lancasterfarming.com (from Associated Press).  January 23, 2015
  Old Tri-City Raceway may grow into wine village.  KOIN.com (from Associated Press).  January 23, 2015
  West Richland annexing Tri-City Raceway, wine village next?  KEPR TV.  January 22, 2015 
  Ideas wanted for Clover Island shoreline restoration.  Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2015
  Port of Kennewick, West Richland work to ready former Tri-City raceway for wine production.  Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2015
  Port, city of Kennewick collaborate on Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald.  January 17, 2015
  Our Voice:  Port, city must work together for regional good.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  January 11, 2015
  Buildings razed on Columbia Drive in Kennewick clear way for botique wine village development. Tri-City Herald.  January 8, 2015
  Performing Arts Center possible at Vista Field.  KNDU TV  January 7, 2015
  Final demolition underway to make room for the Port of Kennewick's wine village.  KNDU TV.  January 7, 2015


Media Release/News Alerts

  Port of Kennewick receives another clean audit--20th consecutive report with no findings.  December 22, 2015  
  Port of Kennewick honors 2015 "Friends of the Port".  December 9, 2015  

  Clover Island Boat Launch will close for repair and improvements July 28 through December 2015.  July 16, 2015   

  Agencies to Celebrate 100 Years of Economic Development/Port of Kennewick Centennial Event.  April 11, 2015

  Software development company NulytIQ opens headquarters office on Clover Island in Kennewick.  February 25, 2015