2014 News Articles & Reports

  A look back at the top stories of 2014 (#9 Vista Field planning kicks off).  Tri-City Herald. December 27, 2014
  West Richland's growth area expansion survives appeal period.  Tri-City Herald.  December 26, 2014
  Development hits roadblock: Vista Field plans overlap those of Kennewick Public Facilities District. Tri-City Herald. December 21, 2014
  Trailhead Park plans still alive.  Tri-City Herald.  December 21, 2014
  New art installed at Clover Island.  Tri-City Herald. December 17, 2014
  Art installation at Clover Island.  Tri-City Herald.  December 17, 2014
  Demolition to make way for boutique wineries on Kennewick's Columbia Drive.  Tri-City Herald. December 16, 2014
  Port of Kennewick Tri-Cities Fever player plans sports complex.  Tri-City Herald, December 3, 2014
  Port urged to get committment for performing arts center.  Tri-City Herald, November 28, 2014
  Our Voice:  Temporary performing arts center a good start.  Tri-City Herald.  November 25, 2014
  Our Voice:  Good to see regional task force moving along, Tri-City Herald, November 18, 2014
  Vista Field:  Temporary performing arts facility suggested for first phase. Tri-City Herald. November 15, 2014
  Creation of vision for Kennewick's Vista Field kicks off.  Tri-City Herald. November 10, 2014
  Help is needed to transform Vista Field. KVEW TV.  November 10, 2014
  Public gets say in Vista Field Design.  The Olympian.  November 9, 2014
  Public gets say in Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2014
  Performing arts facility a possible centerpiece for Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. November 9, 2014
  Property owners asked to wait on development near Vista Field. Tri-City Herald.  November 9, 2014
  Our Voice:  Get involved with Vista Field; the potential is exciting.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  November 9, 2014
  Architect suggests lean approach to Vista Field, other Tri-City projects.  Tri-City Herald. November 6, 2014
  Port of Kennewick discusses rezoning Vista Field, more meetings planned.  KNDU TV.  November 3, 2014
  Public input needed on the future of Vista Field.  KNDU TV. November 2, 2014
  Vista Field ideas and input wanted.  KVEW TV.  October 29, 2014
  Clover Island Shoreline: Ideas to be ready in spring. Tri-City Herald.  October 15, 2014
  Draft Clover Island Shoreline proposals to be ready this spring.  Tri-City Herald. October 14, 2014
  Port of Kennewick starts chopping 2015-16 project wish list.  Tri-City Herald.  October 13, 2014
  Benton Commissioners give final approval to West Richland UGA request. Tri-City Herald.  September 30, 2014
  For the first time, Port of Kennewick to plan for 2-year buget.  Tri-City Herald.  September 28, 2014
  Expanded parking could be coming to Badger Mountain Trailhead Park.  Tri-City Herald.  September 23, 2014
  West Richland's new UGA helps wine industry grow.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  September 19, 2014
  Cost to close Vista Field less than expected.  Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2014
  Benton County Commissioners approve West Richland UGA request.  Tri-City Herald. September 9, 2014
  Our Voice:  Cohesive development would benefit Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald. August 31, 2014
  Columbia Gardens taking shape near Clover Island. KEPR TV.  August 27, 2014
  Columbia Drive project drawing lots of interest. Tri-City Herald. August 26, 2014
  Port of Kennewick Commissioners told key project could set stage for Vista Field development.  Tri-City Herald. August 18, 2014.
  Our Voice Thumbs Up:  Pooling Resources.  Tri-City Herald. July 28, 2014.
  Port of Kennewick, Army Corps of Engineers to share cost of Clover Island shoreline project.  Tri-City Herald. July 22, 2014.
  West Richland Urban Growth Area: Plan going to commissioners.  Tri-City Herald. July 9, 2014.
  West Richland development hopes pinned on raceway.  Tri-City Herald.  July 6, 2014.
  Kennewick City Council OKs new commercial zone on Columbia Drive.  Tri-City Herald. July 1, 2014.
  Our Voice:  Columbia Drive redevelopment shows promise with architectural contract.  Tri-City Herald.  June 30, 2014.
  Port of Kennewick to pay $60,000 to former employee to avoid lawsuit.  Tri-City Herald.  June 30, 2014
  Projects filling Port of Kennewick's docket.  Tri-City Herald.  June 29, 2014
  Port of Kennewick to hire architect for Columbia Drive project.  June 25, 2014
  Agrium gets okay to buy land in Finley.  Tri-City Herald. June 24, 2014
  Kennewick Planning Commission oks zoning change for Columbia Drive. Tri-City Herald. June 16, 2014
  Firm chosen to design Clover Island projects.  Tri-City Herald. June 10, 2014
  Kennewick City Council: staff, planners to look at density proposal (change to vista field zoning approved).  Tri-City Herald. June 4, 2014
  Visions shared at State of the Cities Luncheon in Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. May 29 2014
  Old building unlikely to be used. Tri-City Herald. May 28, 2014
  Kennewick asked to shift property density. Tri-City Herald. May 27, 2014
  Port to purchase Vista Field hangar.  Tri-City Herald. May 13, 2014
  Planning Commission approves recommendation to re-zone Kennewick's Vista Field.  KNDU TV. May 5, 2014  
  Three Rivers Convention Center hotel already luring business even though its not finished (campus would be reconfigured toward port's former airport).  Tri-City Herald. May 3, 2014
  Kennewick council puts 90-day hold on bridge-to-bridge development.  Tri-City Herald. April 16, 2014.
  Port hands off responsibility for rail.  Tri-City Herald. April 9, 2014
  Our Voice:  We have one chance to get Vista Field's future right.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  April 7, 2014
  Overhauling Clover Island.  KEPR TV.  April 7, 2014
  Our Voice:  Wine tourism natural move for Port of Kennewick, city.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  April 5, 2014
  Kennewick planning wine effluent treatment plant.  Tri-City Herald. April 1, 2014
  Port of Kennewick: Redeveloping to shape future of community.  Tri-City Herald. March 30, 2014
  City of Kennewick: Making progress through planning, partnership.   Tri-City Herald. March 30, 2014
  Construction may begin in fall on wine-inspired development along Columbia Drive.  Tri-City Herald.  March 30, 2014
  Port of Kennewick, Corps to improve Clover Island shoreline.  Tri-City Herald. March 25, 2014
  Columbia Drive Development: Kennewick reports interest in grape waste treatment plant.  Tri-City Herald. March 14, 2014
  Workers begin removing fuel tanks at former Vista Field Airport in Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. March 3, 2014
  Vista Field moves forward.  KEPR TV. March 3, 2014
  Columbia Gardens highest priority. Officials tell port progress made on boutique wine village.  Tri-City Herald. February 26, 2014
  Port of Kennewick moves forward on Vista Field airport tank removal.  Tri-City Herald. February 23, 2014
  In Focus:  Vista Field: What's in it for everyone. Tri-City Herald.  January 24, 2014
  Moonrise over Clover Island.  Tri-City Herald.  January 15, 2014
  Port of Kennewick busy in 2014.  Tri-City Herald. January 14, 2014
  Kennewick entertainment district to expand.  Tri-City Herald.  January 14, 2014
  Giant "X's" painted on Vista Field runway.  Tri-City Herald Week in Photos (photo #4). January 4, 2014
  Vista Field runway no more.  Tri-City Herald. January 2, 2014  

Media Release/News Alerts

  Port Commission honors Kris Watkins President & CEO for VisitTri-Cities with 2014 Friend of the Port award. 12.16.14  
  Vista Field Southridge Student Essays. 11.10.14  
  Vista Field public input meetings. 10.29.14