2013 News Articles & Reports

  Pasco man one of last to fly out of Vista Field in Kennewick. Tri-City Herald. 12.31.13
  Kennewick's Vista Field closes Tuesday. Tri-City Herald.  12.30.13
  Vista Field moving forward with closure. KNDU TV. 12.30.13
  Closing of Vista Field.  KVEW TV. 12.30.13
  A look back at top 10 Mid-Columbia stories for 2013.  Tri-City Herald. 12.28.13
  Our Voice:  We're grateful for those who plan and give.  Tri-City Herald Editorial. 12.19.13
  Our Voice:  Two Tri-City ports lose long time contributors with Toomey, Wagner departures.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  12.17.13
  No fuel leaking from sunken Kennewick boat. KEPR TV. 12.17.13
  Boat sinks at Clover Island Marina in Kennewick.  KNDU TV. 12.17.13
  Goodbye Vista Field, Hello neighboring airports.  KNDU TV. 12.16.13
  Boat sinks at Clover Island dock.  Tri-City Herald.  12.16.13
  Ice doesn't freeze Christmas boat parade on Columbia.  Tri-City Herald. 12.12.13
  Port of Kennewick officials prepare for shutdown of Vista Field.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  12.13
  Port of Kennewick honors Ice Harbor; also Vista Field update, and Gene Wagner service award. Tri-City Herald. 12.11.13
  Hot topics discussed at local legislative lunch.  Tri-City Herald. 12.11.13
  Open house Tuesday to celebrate Port of Kennewick's Gene Wagner.  Tri-City Herald. 12.8.13
  Tri-City port officials to tackle projects.  Tri-City Herald. 11.29.13
  Port of Kennewick officials prepare to close Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald.  11.28.13
  Port of Kennewck receives clean audits.  Tri-City Herald. 11.22.13
  City of Kennewick OKs boutique wine village.  Tri-City Herald. 11.5.2013
  Wine center a half step closer.  Tri-City Herald.  10.22.13
  Kennewick City Council Will Vote on Revitalization Project in November.  KNDU TV. 10.22.13
  Port approves Columbia Drive project, Council delays vote.  KEPR TV. 10.22.13
  Port of Kennewick approves agreement to create Wine Village.  KVEW TV. 10.22.13
  Our Voice:  Columbia Drive proposal smart move for port, city. Tri-City Herald Editorial.  10.22.13
  Kennewick voting to bring wineries, businesses to Clover Island and Columbia Drive.  KNDU TV. 10.21.13
  City of Kennewick, port set to vote on wine village plan. Tri-City Herald. 10.20.2013
  Port of Kennewick hosts grand re-opening of Oak Street Development Buildings. (page 45).  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. 10.13
  Columbia Drive wine village a partnership between city, port. (page 41 & 42). Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. 10.13
  Vista Field closing by end of year. Tri-City Herald. 10.9.13
  Port of Kennewick Plans for Vista Field Closure.  KNDU TV. 10.8.13
  Vista Field set to shut down.  KEPR TV. 10.8.13
  Port Kennewick Plans to Develop Waterfront into a Wine Village.  KNDU TV. 10.8.13
  Business development space re-opens in Kennewick.  KNDU TV.  10.2.13
  Oak Street Ribbon Cutting in Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. 10.3.13
  Kennewick leaders decide to move forward with waterfront revitalization.  KVEW TV. 10.2.13
  Kennewick, Port of Kennewick unveil plans to remake part of Columbia Drive.  Tri-City Herald. 10.1.13
  Community responds well to Columbia Drive revitaliation project plans.  KNDU TV. 10.1.13
  Kennewick leaders to discuss waterfront revitalization tonight.  KVEW TV. 10.1.13
  Revitalizing Columbia Drive in Kennewick. KNDU TV. 9.30.13
  Columbia Drive could get revitalized.  KNDU TV. 9.30.13
  Revamp of Columbia Drive moving forward. KEPR TV. 9.30.13
  Redevelopment talk start for Columbia Drive. Tri-City Herald. 9.29.13
  Volunteers cleanup at Kennewick waterfront.  KVEW TV. 9.15.13
  Port looking for land in Richland.  Tri-City Herald. 9.10.13
  Vista Field closure prompts interest in Richland Airport hangars.  Tri-City Herald. 8.22.13
  West Richland to try to include former raceway in urban growth area.  Tri-City Herald. 8.21.13
  Group talks to Port of Kennewick commissioners about ideas for Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. 8.14.13
  Columbia Drive revitalization moving forward.  KEPR TV. 8.14.13
  More people visiting Clover Island means changes coming. KEPR TV. 8.5.13
  Port of Kennewick celebrating success on ten-year project.  KNDU TV.  7.16.13
  More parks a possibility (parking, restrooms, picnic area possible for Clover Island launch).  Tri-City Herald. 7.15.13
  Port of Kennewick commissioners pick Vista Field closure date. Tri-City Herald. 6.25.13
  Making Vista Field a town center to take time.  Tri-City Herald. 6.12.13
  Inslee honors riverfront plan for Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. 6.12.13
  Our Voice:  Red Mountain's future depends on state action.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  5.29.13
  Factory for world's fastest cars breaks ground in West Richland. Tri-City Herald. 5.28.13
  Remodeling of Port of Kennewick buildings should be done in August.  Tri-City Herald. 5.28.13
  Kennewick officials mull wine village, shopping along waterfront.  Tri-City Herald. 5.25.13
  Port of Kennewick saving money.  KEPR TV. 5.22.13
  Port of Kennewick revitalization project saves taxpayers $22,000.  KNDU TV. 5.22.13
  Port of Kennewick revitalization saves tax dollars.  KVEW TV. 5.22.13
  Former Tri-City Raceway plan on track for success.  Tri-City Herald. 5.20.13
  Effluent treatment project designed to be attractive to wineries.  Tri-City Herald. 5.19.13
  Port to form advisory board on Vista Field closure.  Tri-City Herald. 5.15.13
  Our Voice: Painful decision for Vista Field opens door.  Tri-City Herald Editorial. 4.30.13
  Port of Kennewick moves forward on Vista Field redevelopment.  Tri-City Herald.  4.23.13
  Commissioners moving forward with Vista Field changes. KNDU TV. 4.23.13
  Vista Field to close in Kennewick, aviation community reacts.  KNDU TV. 4.18.13.
  Port of Kennewick decides to close Vista Field. KVEW TV. 4.18.13
  Kennewick's Vista Field Airport to close. Tri-City Herald. 4.18.13
  Port of Kennewick voted to close Vista Field and make it a first-class redevelopment. KNDU TV. 4.17.13
  Port of Kennewick voted to close Vista Field and make it a first-class redevelpment VIDEO. KNDU TV. 4.17.13
  Vista Field to close. KVEW TV. 4.17.13
  Vista Airfield will shut down.  610 KONA Radio. 4.17.13
  More tact by developer could have eased Clover Leaf Trailer Park evictions.  Tri-City Herald. 4.16.13
  Buildings set for demolition get new life from SWAT training.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  4.15.13
  Law enforcement officers at Clover Island for marine safety class.  Tri-City Herald. 4.12.13
  Tri-City aviators move views on future of Vista Field Airport. Tri-City Herald. 4.10.13
  Our Voice: Thumbs up: Port of Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  4.8.13
  Motel Buildings Undergo Demolition as part of Port of Kennewick Waterfront Project.  KNDU TV. 4.5.13
  Downtown Kennewick buildings leveled.  KVEW TV. 4.5.13
  SWAT door breech training story with video.  Tri-City Herald. 4.5.13
  SWAT door breech training photo with caption.  Tri-City Herald. 4.5.13
  SWAT in downtown Kennewick. KVEW TV. 4.4.13
  SWAT teams blowing up Kennewick.  KEPR TV. 4.4.13
  Explosive entry training helps level rundown apartments. KNDU TV. 4.4.13
  SWAT teams train on Columbia Drive. KEPR TV. 4.4.13
  Closing Vista Field makes most sense for Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald. 3.31.13
  Public can make comment on Vista Field at April 17 public hearing.  Tri-City Herald. 3.27.13
  Port of Kennewick Commissioners approve Vista Field study.  KNDU TV. 3.12.13
  Port of Kennewick to discuss report on Vista Field today.  Tri-City Herald. 3.12.13
  Our Voice:  Old idea gets new legs with developers' purchase.  Editorial. Tri-City Herald. 3.3.13
  TRIDEC, chamber of commerce tell Port of Kennewick it should close Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. 3.2.13
  Two more Vista Field stakeholders recommend the airport be redeveloped.  KNDU TV 3.1.13
  Visitor bureau supports closure of Vista Field. Tri-City Herald. 2.28.13
  Kennewick, Benton, Pasco port officials offer visions for development.  The News Tribune. 2.28.13
  State of the Ports Address in Pasco.  KNDU TV 2.27.13
  Port of Kennewick officials say airport cost calculations are correct.  Tri-City Herald. February 27, 2013
  Kennewick rivershore site of a developing dream.  Tri-City Herald. February 24, 2013
  Proposed transportation package: Project would help build Red Mountain interchange.  Tri-City Herald. February 21, 2013
  Stakeholders weighing in on Vista Field.  KNDU TV.  February 20, 2013
  Comments on draft study mostly support closing Kennewick's Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. February 19, 2013
  Taxpayers divided on future of Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. January 25, 2013
  Future of Kennewick's Vista Field still up in the air.  KNDU TV.  January 25, 2013
  Public hearing tonight on Vista Field analysis.  KVEW TV.  January 24, 2013
  Port officials urged to make decision without vote on Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. January 24, 2013
  Enhancing Vista Field Airport would raise Port of Kennewick property taxes.  Tri-City Herald. January 22, 2013
  Vista Field Options Weighed.  KVEW TV. January 11, 2013
  Future of Vista Field Open for Public Comment.  KNDU TV.  January 11, 2013
  At Vista, a crossroads as draft report is released.  Tri-City Herald.  January 11, 2013

Media Release/News Alerts

Port Names Mike Hall & Bill Jaquish, Ice Harbor Brewing Company, as 2013 Friend of the Port.  12.11.13
18th Consecutive Year of Clean Audits for Port of Kennewick.  11.19.13
 Port of Kennewick re-opens 33,000 square-feet of business development space. 10.2.13
 Port of Kennewick to re-open 33,000 square-feet of business development space. 10.1.13
Elected officials to hold joint meeting on Columbia Drive revitalization (architect will unveil scale model designs and master plan recommendations). 9.26.13
Public invited to Oak Street development buildings grand re-opening.  9.17.13
Port saves taxpayers nearly $23,000 on revitalization project.  5.23.13
Special Meeting/Public Hearing to discuss options for Vista Field Airport. 4.3.13
SWAT Teams train for explosive breaching; port buildings slated for demolition.  3.26.13
Public Hearing a chance to comment on Vista Field analysis.  1.18.13
30-day comment period begins for Vista Field analysis. 1.10.13