2012 News Articles & Reports

  Consultant weighs options for Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. December 13, 2012
  Vista Field Study.  KVEW TV. December 11, 2012
  Findings on Vista Field use important piece of puzzle.  Tri-City Herald Editorial. November 30, 2012
  Count shows how many planes land at Vista Field. Tri-City Herald. November 25, 2012
  Port of Kennewick hears Vista Field ideas.  Tri-City Herald. November 14, 2012
  Brainstorming future flight plan of Vista Field in Kennewick.  KNDU TV. November 8, 2012
  Ideas pitched for fully developed Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. November 8, 2012
  Kennewick ray gun maker named Manufacturer of the Year.  Tri-City Herald. November 5, 2012
  Citizen ideas on Vista Field future sought.  Tri-City Herald.  November 4, 2012
  Public input needed on future of Vista Field.  KNDU TV.  November 2, 2012
  Study results show Duffy's Pond could draw development to Columbia Drive.  Tri-City Herald. October 30, 2012
  Thumbs up/thumbs down.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  October 29, 2012
  Working together brings good things to Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald. October 24, 2012
  Port of Kennewick passes its budget, minus some expected costs.  Tri-City Herald. October 23, 2012
  Benton, Kennewick, Pasco ports contemplating key projects in 2013.  Tri-City Herald. October 22, 2012
  Yacht Club installs new boat slips on Clover Island.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. October 2012
  Port of Kennewick projects to be put on hold.  Tri-City Herald. October 10, 2012
  Finley school gets new sign.  KNDU TV. October 10, 2012
  Public looks for facts about future of Kennewick's Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. October 5, 2012
  Finley schools get electronic readerboard.  Tri-City Herald. October 4, 2012
  Carl Cadwell says actions damaging his company.  Tri-City Herald. October 4, 2012
  Community input wanted for future of Vista Field Airport.  KNDU/KNDO TV. October 2, 2012
  Vista Field Airport open house Thursday.  Tri-City Herald. October 1, 2012
  Chat with Tim Arntzen (Vista Field Airport Q & A)  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  September 2012 
  Port of Kennewick hires consulting company to study Vista Field.  KVEW TV. September 13, 2012
  Port officials OK Vista Field study.  Tri-City Herald. September 13, 2012
  Port of Kennewick hiring consultant to decide Vista Field fate.  KNDU TV. September 11, 2012
  Port of Kennewick out of rail business.  Tri-City Herald. September 4, 2012
  Future plans for Vista Field require taking a fresh look.  Tri-City Herald Editorial.  September 2, 2012
  Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. Letter to the Editor. August 22, 2012
  Willows Park redevelopment expected to change look of Clover Island area.  KNDU TV.  August 16, 2012
  Port of Kennewick considers wine development at former Tri-City Raceway site.  Tri-City Herald. August 16, 2012
  Small plane skids off runway at Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald. August 16, 2012
  Pilot experiences brake failure, escapes unharmed at Vista Field.  KVEW TV.  August 15, 2012
  Cadwell Laboratories owner says he is willing to be Vista Field operator.  Tri-City Herald.  August 15, 2012
  Pasco poppy farm sees success.  Tri-City Herald.  July 18, 2012
  Port of Kennewick plans big study on Vista Field's future.  Tri-City Herald. July 11, 2012
  Port of Kennewick says no to proposal for Vista Field fixed-base operator. Tri-City Herald. June 27, 2012
  Public may get to vote on Vista Field's fate.  Tri-City Herald.  June 26, 2012
  Debate over field goes on. Tri-City Herald. June 24, 2012
  Talks about an operator seem busted.  Tri-City Heralld. June 24, 2012
  A worthy discussion: Airport bleeds red and needs an operator, but for how much, and who, is debated. Tri-City Herald. June 24, 2012
  Vista Field.  Letter to Editor. June 17, 2012
  Kennewick's Vista Field won't be start of Air Race.  Tri-City Herald. 6.13.12
  Vista Field.  Letter to Editor.  June 8, 2012
  Vista Field.  Letter to Editor. June 3, 2012
  Vista Field lease negotiations hit snag.  Tri-City Herald. 5.23.12
  Vista: 10 Reasons to stay open.  Tri-City Herald. 5.20.12
  Vista: Port Needs to create jobs. Tri-City Herald. 5.20.12
  Vista:  Mid-city park.  Tri-City Herld. Fast Focus Letter to Editor 5.20.12
  Vista: Time to let it go.  Tri-City Herald. Fast Focus Letter to Editor 5.20.12
  Vista: Some recent history. Tri-City Herald. Fast Focus Letter to Editor 5.20.12
  Vista Field: Kennewick's Hidden Gem.  Tri-City Herald. Fast Focus Letter to Editor 5.20.12
  Area legislators check out wine region on bus tour.  Tri-City Herald. 5.15.12
  Tour for legislators will focus on wine industry.  Tri-City Herald. 5.14.12
  Vista Field estimate raises critical questions on costs. Tri-City Herald editorial. 5.13.12
  Clover Island in Kennewick getting new art.  Tri-City Herald. 5.12.12
  Port of Kennewick chooses new commissioner.  Tri-City Herald. 5.10.12
  Future uncertain for Vista Field.  KVEW TV.  May 9, 2012
  Port of Kennewick commissioners stunned by Vista Field airport plan. Tri-City Herald. 5.9.12
  Our voice: Thumbs up/down.  Tri-City Herald editorial. 5.7.12
  Port of Kennewick to change 176 light fixtures; will save buildings $3,900 a year.  Tri-City Herald. 5.7.12
  11 people apply for Port of Kennewick Board Vacancy.  The News Tribune. 5.1.12
  11 people apply for Port of Kennewick Board Vacancy. Tri-City Herald. 5.1.12
  Firefighters train to rescue their own.  KNDU TV. 4.26.12
  Firefighters training in real house all week.  KVEW TV. 4.25.12
  Fire crews hone teamwork. Tri-City Herald. 4.24.12
  Checking out Clover Island.  Tri-City Herald. 4.24.12
  Doc Hastings gets a bird's eye overview of Clover Island.  KNDU TV. 4.23.12
  Final spots filling in at business park.  Tri-City Herald. 4.22.12
  Port of Kennewick is finding new ways to save your tax dollars.  WPPA e-newsletter. 4.17.12
  Port of Kennewick is finding new ways to save your tax dollars.  KEPR TV. 4.16.12
  Port of Kennewick to replace commissioner who is retiring.  Tri-City Herald. 4.5.12
  It's regular people doing not-so-regular things.  Tri-City Herald editorial. 3.29.12
  Walla Walla tribe, Kennewick make show of mutual respect.  Tri-City Herald. 3.28.12
  Making the most of our riverfront development.  Tri-City Herald. 3.4.12
  Looking toward development.  Tri-City Herald. 3.1.12
  Port of Kennewick pitches in to help development.  Tri-City Herald. 2.29.12
  New plan pushes Columbia River riverfront restaurants, footbridge between Kennewick, Pasco.  Tri-City Herald.  2.25.12
  Duffy's Pond proposal a winner for Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald.  2.19.12
  Big plans laid out for Duffy's Pond at Port of Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. 2.15.12
  Port of Kennewick plans new Clover Island projects for 2012.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business 1.18. 12
  Hohenberg honored by Port.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  Networking. 1.18.12
  Hanson to retire from Port. Tri-City Herald. Tri-City Herald. 1.11.12
  Port of Kennewick wants to improve access at Duffy's Pond. Tri-City Herald. 1.11.12
  Tri-Citians travel to see ferry Kennewick commissioned. Tri-City Herald. 1.7.12
  Officials to attend ferry dedication. Tri-City Herald. 1.2.12

Media Releases/News Alerts

Mark Blotz named 2012 Friend of the Port.  12.12.12
Community offered chance to plan future of Vista Field Airport.  10.31.12
Port consultant preparing EIS for Vista Field Alternatives.  9.28.12
Port consultant holding open house and scoping meeting regarding Vista Field Airport.  9.28.12
Port of Kennewick answers FAQ regarding Vista Field Airport.  9.17.12 
Airplane Incident at Vista Field Airport. 8.15.12
Citizen Representative sought for consultant Selection Committee.  7.11.12
Don Barnes Appointed District 1 Commissioner.  5.11.12