2011 News Articles & Reports

  Plans under way for Finley manufacturing plant. Tri-City Herald. 12.31.11
  Kennewick Commissioners approvel land sale to PACLAND Industrial Associates LLC. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business 12.11
  Port of Kennewick seeks artist for project. Tri-City Herald. 12.30.11
  Port needs overhaul.  Tri-City Herald. 12.30.11 Letters to the Editor.
  Christmas lights 2011.  Christmas Lights (photo #26). Tri-City Herald. 12.18.11 Photo Gallery
  Kennewick Chief of Police honored by Port of Kennewick. Tri-City Herald. 12.17.11
  Port of Kennewick. Letters to the editor.  Tri-City Herald. 12.14.11
  Public records request:  Dialogue could save a lot. Tri-City Herald. 11.21.11
  Port of Kennewick.  Letters to the editor. Tri-City Herald. 11.21.11
  Law firm to be hired to handle Port of Kennewick document request.  Tri-City Herald. 11.10.11
  Future plans for riverfront on Clover Island.  KNDU TV. 11.4.11
  Kennewick, port meet today to talk redevelopment of riverfront property.  Tri-City Herald. 11.4.11
  Bridge to Bridge Progress.  KNDU TV. 10.10.11
  Records request costly for Port of Kennewick. Tri-City Herald. 10.6.11
  Port commisioners present list of projects.  Tri-City Herald. 9.29.11
  Port of Kennewick chooses Mike Shannon to run Vista Field. Tri-City Herald. 9.28.11
  Hanford investment fund grants will help bring more jobs, tourism.  Tri-City Herald. 9.27.11
  Mid-Columbia cities receive large grants to create jobs.  KVEW TV. 9.26.11
  Sacajawea Heritage Trail challenge set for Saturday.  Tri-City Herald. 9.9.11
  Port investigation wasteful. Letters to the Editor.  Tri-City Herald. 9.2.11
  Port of Kennewick Commissioner pays back money.  Tri-City Herald 8.24.11
  Complaint targets Port of Kennewick Commissioner.  Tri-City Herald 8.23.11
  Ink stamp features lighthouse.  Tri-City Herald 8.18.11
  2 Tri-City airports given $12 million for improvements.  Tri-City Herald 8.2.11
  Waterfront parcel critical for Port of Kennewick.  The Bellingham Herald. 7.25.11
  Kennewick Mulls Property Purchase.  Key to the future.  Tri-City Herald 7.25.11
  Vista Field looking good: The voters get their way.  Tri-City Herald 7.15.11
  Port of Kennewick asks city for zoning changes.  The News Tribune. 7.13.11
  Clover Island Kudos.  Thankful Thursday Opinions/Letters. Tri-City Herald 6.23.11
  Ribbon breaking for Clover Island improvements.  KNDU TV 5.12.11
  New pathway opens on Clover Island.  KEPR TV 5.12.11
  Port, tribe celebrate Clover Island walkway today.  Tri-City Herald 5.12.11
  View Clover Island upgrades Thursday.  Tri-City Herald 5.8.11
  Community works to reclaim Columbia River waterfront.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business May 2011
  Washington Aggregates and Concrete Association honors Port of Kennewick's Lighthouse and Plaza with their first-ever Concrete Community Award. Daily Journal of Commerce May 2011 
  There's no big hurry for port's renaming study.  Tri-City Herald 4.21.11
  Board examines accuracy of its name.  Tri-City Herald 4.14.11
  Ambitious vision for Kennewick watefront.  KEPR TV 3.26.11 
  Hundreds help clean Kennewick.  KNDU TV 3.26.11
   City, Port should agree on one bridge-to-bridge plan. Tri-City Herald 01.08.11

Media Releases/News Alerts

Arntzen appointed to Waterfront Center awards Jury.  2.15.11
Ken Hohenberg Named 2011 Friend of the Port 12.14.11
Report on Investigation of Citizen Complaint
Investigation Findings - Transaction Details
Romney Report
Appendix 1 : IRS Regulations re: Mileage Allowances
Port of Kennewick Commission to hear report on investigation of allegations of improper billing by commissioner/discuss large public records request 8.22.11
Clover Island Lighthouse Stamp Release 8.17.11