2010 News Articles & Reports

  Former local leader honored at Metz Plaza.  KNDU TV 12.16.10
  Artwork Dedication at Metz Plaza.  Tri-City Herald 12.17.10
  Port of Kennewick throwing a few curves into shoreline.  KNDU TV 12.8.10
  US Coast Guard Purple Heart memorial. KNDU TV 11.10.10
  Waterfront redevelopment on Columbia Drive.  KEPR TV 11.2.10
  New plaque at Clover Island Lighthouse honors fallen Coast Guard heroes. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business Nov. 2010
  Port of Kennewick planning projects around Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald 11.1.10
  Port of Kennewick considers riverboat and other developments for Clover Island. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business October 2010
  Local brewery expands statewide. KNDU TV 10.1.10
  From wine to whiskey. Tri-City Herald 10.1.2010
  Ports say they help to improve life quality.  Tri-City Herald 9.23.10
  Port of Kennewick picks Pasco firm for Clover Island Improvements.  Tri-City Herald 9.15.10
  Corkwest tops in Washington Wines.  Association of Washington Business Summer 2010
  New committee to focus on downtown planning.  Tri-City Herald 8.10.10
  Clover Island's big plans to make the island bigger. Tri-City Herald Editorial Board 7.27.10
  Port has big plans for island land. Tri-City Herald 7.17.2010
  Picture Perfect. Tri-City Herald 5.20.10
  City, port to work together Tri-City Herald 6.23.10
  Clover Island revitalization expected to increase tourism.  KVEW TV 5.20.10
  Port of Kennewick reveals Clover Island changes.  KNDU TV 5.13.10
  Port of Kennewick's net assets increase.  Tri-City Herald 5.12.10
  New medical center under construction.  Tri-City Herald 5.7.10
  Port's plan for wine village would benefit Tri-Cities.  Tri-City Herald Editorial Board 5.4.10
  Port of Kennewick proposes Wine Village. Tri-City Herald 4.28.10
  Port to celebrate Clover Island. Tri-City Herald 4.24.10
  Projects make our cities more desirable, liveable.  Tri-City Herald Editorial 3.31.10
  Port proposes shade structure for Clover Island. Tri-City Herald 3.22.10
  Vista Field to remain open. Tri-City Herald 3.9.10
  Kennewick's Clover Island Lighthouse gets its lid. Wenatchee World News/Tri-City Herald 1.7.10