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Building a Wine Village.  NW Public TV/AccessNW.  May 2017  
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News Articles & Reports

  Successful SWAT practice drill takes place in Kennewick.  KNDU TV. September 28, 2017
  Tribes, Port dedicate 'The Gathering Place' Confederated Umatilla Journal.  September 2017
  Kennewick's Vista Arts Center conceptual design unveiled.  Tri-City Herald.  August 22, 2017
  Performing arts center coming to Tri-Cities. KVEW TV. August 22, 2017
  3 Tri-City theater projects in the works. What's the difference?  Tri-City Herald.  August 19, 2017
  Arts Center Task Force to share Vista Field project vision.  Tri-City Herald.  August 14, 2017
  Factories or runways? municipal airports face economic pressure. USAnewsguide.  August 14, 2017
  Port of Kennewick dedicates family-friendly area on the south shore of Clover Island.  August 4, 2017
  The Gathering Place:  a symbol of unity with our past.  KNDU TV.  August 4, 2017
  Shoreline improvements bring artwork, history to Clover Island.  KONA Radio.  August 4, 2017
  Palencia Wine: Moving its roots to Kennewick's Wine Village.  KNDU TV.  August 2, 2017
  Palencia Wine:  moving its roots to Kennewick's Wine Village.  FOX1141. August 2, 2017
  Kennewick wine dreams won't be slowed by sewer snag, city says.  Wine Press Northwest.  July 31, 2017 
  Kennewick wine dreams won't be slowed by sewer snag, city says.  Tri-City Herald. July 28, 2017
  To keep or ditch an airfield.  Gulf News. July 28, 2017
  Tri-Cities community honored by governor.  Fox1141yakima. July 25, 2017
  Tri-Cities community honored by governor.  KNDU TV. July 25, 2017
  Kennewick groups awarded for plan to revitalize waterfront.  KEPR TV. July 25, 2017
  Declining airports eyed for redevelopment. The Globe and Mail.  July 24, 2017
  US city airports' future may not involve flying.  Bangkok Post.  July 22, 2017
  Exposing the Toxic Ways of the Santa Monica Airport.  Bad-Air.  July 22, 2017
  Columbia Drive redevelopment nabs partnership award from governor.  Tri-City Herald. July 19, 2017
  Port of Kennewick, Tribes celebrate Clover Island changes. Tri-City Herald. July 18, 2017
  Factories or Runways? Municipal Airports Face Economic Pressure.  NW Times. July 18, 2017
  Clover Island mixed-use parcels expected to be available in fall.  Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business. July 14, 2017
  Project aims to bring back the magic of the river.   FOX 11 TV.  June 30, 2017
  Project aims to bring back the magic of the river.  KNDU TV.  June 30, 2017
  Palencia uses Grenache to top Walla Walla Valley Wine Competition.  Great Northwest Wine. June 19, 2017
  USACE Releases Draft FONSI for Clover Island Restoration Project.  June 15, 2017  
  Columbia Gardens Wine Village poised for fall opening.  Wine Press Northwest.  May 2017
  Washington communities recognized for planning and for growth. seattlepi. May 30, 2017
  Kennewick wine project praised by Gov. Jay Inslee.  Tri-City Herald. May 24, 2017
  2017 Governor's Smart Communities Award Winners Announced.  Department of Commerce.  May 23, 2017
  Benton County ressurects economic development grant program. Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business.  May 2017
  Our Voice:  Harsh winter doesn't cool excitement for Columbia Gardens.  Editorial. Tri-City Herald. May 10, 2017 
  Benton County invests $2.1 million in riverfront project.  KVEW TV.  May 9, 2017
  Kennewick wine center given $2.2M in rural development money. Tri-City Herald.  May 9, 2017
  Snowpocalypse slows Columbia Gardens wine village.  EIN News. May 7, 2017
  Snowpocalypse slows Columbia Gardens Wine Village. Tri-City Herald. May 7, 2017
  Columbia Gardens Wine Village opening expected in September. KNDU TV. April 28, 2017
  Before raising the first glass of wine, first raise the roof. Tri-City Herald photo. April 9, 2017
  Letter of intent signed for performing arts center at Vista Field.  KNDU TV.  March 28, 2017
  Vista Field theater agreement reached. Now, the project needs $25M.  Tri-City Herald. March 28, 2017
  Letter of intent signed for performing arts center at Vista Field.  Fox 11 TV.  March 28, 2017
  New performing arts center is one step closer to Vista Field.  KVEW TV.  March 28, 2017
  Arts Center Task Force stakes a claim in the heart of Vista Field.  Tri-City Herald.  March 24, 2017
  Port of Kennewick: Delivering positive returns on community investments. Tri-City Herald Progress Edition.  March 23, 2017
  Plans for Vista Field Airport finally taking flight.  KNDU TV.  March 14, 2017
  Trios Foundation honoring late community booster and volunteer with bronze bust, ceremony.  Tri-City Herald. February 15, 2017
  Columbia Center Rotary donates $5,000 to future Latino mural project. KVEW TV.  February 2, 2017
  El Puerto de Kennewick recibe donacion para el mural de herencia latina.  KNDU TV. February 2, 2017
  Clover Island demolition project helps US Army Corps of Engineers restore shoreline.  KVEW-TV. February 2, 2017
  Clover Island says goodbye to old office building.  Tri-City Herald. January 28, 2017
  Demolition on Clover Island part of restoration.  Tri-City Herald. January 26, 2017
  Kennewick Wine Village project under snow delay.  KVEW TV. January 24, 2017
  Winter weather delays Kennewick wine village project. KEPR TV.  January 23, 2017
  Owners of Cedars Restaurant honored for Clover Island work. Tri-City Herald. January 22, 2017
  Columbia Center Rotary makes $5k pledge to Latino Mural.  Tri-City Herald.  January 18, 2017
  Columbia Center Rotary to contribute to Latino Heritage Mural Project.  FOX 11.  January 12, 2017
  Columbia Center Rotary to contribute to Latino Heritage Mural Project.  NBC TV.  January 12, 2017
  Snowpocalypse not likely coming for your roof, yet.  Tri-City Herald.  January 11, 2017
  Old building collapses in downtown Kennewick.  Tri-City Herald. January 11, 2017
  Vacant building collapses in Kennewick.  KONA 610 Radio. January 11, 2017
  Building collapse near downtown Kennewick.  KNDU TV.  January 11, 2017
  Building collapses in Kennewick.  KAPP/KVEW TV.  January 11, 2017
  Vacant Kennewick building collapses from weight of snow and ice buildup.  Tri-City Herald. January 11, 2017
  Building Collapses in Kennewick under weight of snow.  KEPR TV.  January 11, 2017
  Our Voice:  Tri-Cities economy diversifying rapidly.  Tri-City Herald Editorial Board.  January 10, 2017
  Two Wineries Set to Move Into Kennewick's Wine Village.  Key 98.3 January 5, 2017 
  Car parts, fries, wine top Tri-City 2016 business news. Tri-City Herald.  January 1, 2017

Media Release/News Alerts

Media Advisory The Gathering Place unveiling of artwork and shoreline pathway event.  July 17, 2017  
Media Advisory Governors Smart Communities Award Presentation 7.25.17 for Columbia Drive Redevelopment Area.  July 20, 2017  
2017 Governor's Smart Communities/Smart Partnership Award given to Columbia Drive Urban Revitalization Project. May 23, 2017    
County, Port, and City partner for economic development in Kennewick.  May 2, 2017