Clover Island Riverwalk & Shoreline Enhancements

View the latest news:  Port of Kennewick, Corps to improve Clover Island Shoreline.  Tri-City Herald.  March 25, 2014.

Port of Kennewick Improves Columbia River Shoreline Habitat & Recreation

The 16-acre Clover Island visible today, was created by placing fill on the highest part of the original, 162-acre island before McNary Dam was built in 1953.  Over the years, concrete was used to control island erosion and the resulting shoreline was linear, simple, and sterile. The Port of Kennewick, which owns Clover Island, determined thriving fish and wildlife communities, as well as public access to the waterfront, were desirable urban amenities. 

In 2008, the Port of Kennewick received funding from the City of Kennewick’s Community Development Block Grant program to help make recreation and cultural improvements to Clover Island.  The first phase improvements included marking the entry point to Clover Island.  That project included a 28 foot-tall, art-deco archway which spans the road onto Clover Island.  The gateway arch is a 19,000 pound, painted steel beam with LED backlighting.  The project also added a sidewalk connecting downtown Kennewick with the regional Sacagawea Heritage Trail, and constructed the Clover Island lighthouse & Lighthouse Plaza. 

In late 2010, with grant funding from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office’s Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account, the Port of Kennewick began the second phase of shoreline construction. The island’s riverbank was reshaped to provide a more complex shoreline configuration.  The concrete cavities, where salmon predators could hide were removed; and vegetation was added to provide shade, leaf litter, and insects to feed fish.  The island’s western causeway is now a spatially-complex, organic, living shoreline. 

A recreational pathway was added to connect the island with historic downtown Kennewick; and scenic viewpoints now offer a place to enjoy the Columbia River waterfront.

The Port of Kennewick is a municipal corporation serving taxpayers in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, Benton City, and portions of unincorporated Benton County.  The port’s mission is to develop those assets which create sustainable family wage jobs, user friendly transportation systems, and quality of life enhancements for visitors and residents of the port district.